30 minutes | july 2013

I am so happy to be part of a circle of such talented ladies, and friends, for this new project – 30 minutes in the life of us.

Oliver learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers on Sunday, and he is so, so proud of himself (as am I). He’s telling everyone and anyone that will listen. This means, that even a short trip to feed the ducks, requires wheels!

Here is our 30 minute trip in pictures.

IMG_0715edit IMG_0720BWedit blog 2 IMG_0741edit IMG_0780edit IMG_0824BWedit blog 3

When you are done here, head over to visit Juli, San Clemente, Ca. Family Lifestyle Photographer


  1. Oh my! Look at that confidence and that look of success on his face. I love these! I really love your work and these are no exception to that. They’re wonderful. I’m so glad you’re in this group!

  2. I also wanted to say that your composition and processing are so thoughtful and perfect for the images. Really, really loved these.

  3. Oh, Amy, your images always make my heart sing, and these are no exception. That black and white second is phenonmenal, and the one of him looking into the bread bag made me laugh. That’s one of my favorite parts of childhood, the way they look with their whole heads! Beautiful. I love your Oliver just by watching him, which says so very much about the wonderful mom behind the lens.

  4. love these. my son just took the training wheels (stabilisers sounds way more cool) off his bike…freedom! it looks so quaint and pretty where you live!

  5. These are just so cute! I love anything with superheros! It reminds me of my older boys when they were younger. Always exciting when they learn to ride their bike. The determiniation on his face is priceless.

  6. Great pics – my favorite is the black and white at the bridge. I love feeding the ducks as well.

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