30 minutes | august 2013

Wow, that came round super quick.  My second month of 30 minutes with a fabulous group of ladies.  If you missed last month, check it out here.

We are right in the middle of our Summer holiday and I am NOT ready for it to end anytime soon.  I am loving having Oliver home all day, and having long, sunny evenings with Daddy.  It’s like having extra weekend days!  Although, when it’s time to set the alarm again, 6.30am will be a shock to the system!

This month we spent the evening in the park.  It was super windy all day, so we had a great idea to get the kite out & attempt to fly it!  Typically, as soon as we got there, the wind died right down & the kite barely left the ground!  Still – it was fun to watch & the boys loved it!









When you are done here, continue through the circle & head over to visit Sara Kelly, Philadelphia Family Photographer


  1. I love the rainbow in the middle of your pic. Looks like they had a whole lot of fun attempting to fly their kite. Thanks for sharing your images.

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