30 minutes | february 2014

WOW – It’s been a long time since I had the time to shoot my ’30 minutes’ and it feels so, so great to be back in the circle with these great ladies.

This month, we took a quick walk along the canal to feed the ducks.  It was cold and windy, but the rain stayed away and the sun made an appearance.  I am so ready for summer.  Long nights playing outside, lazy days at the park having a picnic…it’s so close, but this cold weather feels never ending.

Once you’re done here, be sure to continue round the circle to Sharleen N. Stuart and see what she, and the other ladies have been up to this month.

IMG_7243edit IMG_7267edit IMG_7268edit IMG_7292edit IMG_7301edit IMG_7308edit IMG_7321edit IMG_7384edit IMG_7389edit2 IMG_7400edit IMG_7404BWedit IMG_7406edit IMG_7432edit IMG_7447BWedit IMG_7453edit IMG_7455edit IMG_7462BWedit IMG_7481BWedit



  1. Amy, Oh my these are so well done! I almost feel like I was right there with you with all the lovely details and moments you caught. So glad you’re back with us and I’m so ready for summer too! xo

  2. Beautiful Amy. My understanding is you guys are having a lot of rain. I love the photos with the reflection in the puddles – just stunning. I also love the swing photo’s with dad. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are just awesome! I love your son’s superhero boots! My son would love those! The reflection one with the puddle is perfect!

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