30 minutes | march 2014

The weather here has been pretty rubbish lately – or at least that’s the way it feels.  Cold, cold wind and rain.  I know I shouldn’t complain,  but it feels constant, winter is dragging on, every now and again the sun teases us for an hour or two, and then disappears again.  I am so ready for spring.  Ready for picnics in the park, splashing in the river, evening walks on the moor.  I am hoping it’s just around the corner.

So, to add a bit of excitement to the cabin fever, we took a 30 minute steam train journey.  A simple few miles, giving more than a few smiles and plenty of giggles.  Something so simple, made a great afternoon outing.

When you’re done here, follow on round the circle and head on over to my dear friend Amanda Voelker.

IMG_8180edit IMG_8182edit IMG_8234edit IMG_8236edit IMG_8237edit IMG_8244edit IMG_8248edit IMG_8283edit IMG_8285edit2 IMG_8292edit IMG_8293edit2

Until next month…


  1. Amy, what a fun little adventure! These are all so great, I love the ones of him looking out the window.

  2. These are great images. I cannot remember when I was last one a train ride, but I do remember the first time I went “alone” – I was off to see Peter Pan. Your son looks like he had a great time and I see he has his own camera. I bet he had fun with that. I especially like the image of him holding the camera and looking out the window.

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